The AMBA/Creative Partnership

Creative Technology Corporation has partnered with the AMBA since 2005 to help nurture and promote American manufacturing. Creative has captured and documented over 100,000 photos at countless conferences, plant tours, and other events around the USA. Thos images are to promote our industry.

Creative Technology also serves as an industry resource for AMBA member companies and AMBA partners, producing videos, articles, websites and more to share our view of this amazing industry.

Creative Technology offers a 20% discount off our normal rates for all AMBA members and registered partners.

AMBA Plant Tour
AMBA Conference
AMBA Plant Tour
AMBA Conference
AMBA Plant Tour
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The American Mold Builders Association

The American Mold Builders Association (AMBA) is the only organization dedicated to elevating the competitive advantage of U.S. mold builders. The goal of the AMBA is to provide workforce development solutions, strategic networking, benchmarking and industry metrics, as well as promotional materials and support for every members’ success. AMBA members receive a variety of additional benefits, including access to cost-reduction programs, visibility to mold buyers and problem-solving resources a distinctive competitive advantage.

Creative Technology Corp.

Creative Technology Corporation is a marketing organization dedicated to providing a unique competitive advantage for American mold builders. Creative has over 40 years of hands-on experience in the plastics manufacturing space. Every company is unique. Our industry experience helps identify strengths and build your brand on those strengths. Through social media, photography, videography, and websites, we help customers and prospects to quickly understand how you can be their most valuable resource.